Thursday, 18 October 2012

Game of Infinity playing the Prisoner 0-9 scenario


  1. All these pics and no actual battle rep? I'm disappointed mate...

  2. Hahahaah.. every time me and Simon have a game and we are half way through I go 'Shit!! I should be recording whats happening!!' and always forget :)

    In this scenario I was playing Simon's beautifully painted Pan O and Simon was using my Aleph. Now the last time we played I was lucky enough to scape a win as the defender or the scenario. But this time around I was playing the attacker and the tables were turned as Simon's Aleph tactics were very effective using the Asura's MSV L3 and the Myrmidons smoke to his advantage and cutting down my orders every turn. I did however in the third turn take my chances and moved my Proxy up to the Asura and burnt her alive after Simon had failed three successive armour rolls. But the pathe was clear for the Aleph haker Deva to make his way within the prison and with a first time success roll found the prisoner and I had very little time to counter his progression.

    It was a good game with some hard decision making to be made with each turn to make our units more effective. It was my first time playing Pan O and I did enjoy the experience of using them but I just felt by the end of the game that I missed my dear Aleph :)

    I will do a more extensive battle rep next time as my memory is a little faded due to multiple glasses of whiskey in the meantime hahhaahaha...

  3. Beautiful terrain. Like I said before your work is amazing. So colorful, so shiny - perfect for infinity...

  4. Thank you Tim I love painting terrain and had a great time in making and painting this terrain for our games of Infinity. I have had to sell my terrain as I am moving overseas but already have plans to build my own terrain and make some unique pieces to use as photo shoots for my newly painted Infinity minis :)