Thursday, 11 July 2013

Chaska#3 Painting Commission


  1. Your Chaksas and in fact all your work is pretty amazing and unique. I have one question - what purple do you use for these Chaksas? I really love it.

    Actually I see you use a lot of purples...could you comment on how you use it, what brand of paint and your thoughts behind it?

    Adding you to my blogroll as your work is too good to miss. Please keep posting pictures.

  2. Hi Tim, Thank you for your compliments and I hope I can help you with my advise on using purple glazes to your minis. I use an artist ink called FM. These inks I use in very watered down thin glazes to specific areas that I need tinting. You can also use just purple paint as an alternative. I usea mix of both depending on the effect I wish to achieve. The inks can leave a glossy finish so maybe using the paint as a thinned glaze is sometimes more appropriate. Have a go with experimenting with this technique on your next mini and let me know how you go. Thanks again for your very positive comments :)

  3. That's great. I actually use inks a lot on my metals because of the glossiness. But I sometimes add some matte medium to remove the gloss. Add it instead of water and see what you think.

    A lot of painters have removed inks from their toolbox because GW stopped producing them. I still have and use a set of them a lot. The glazing effect really works because has a soft transition and adds visual interest to the model.

    I can see that the best is ahead of you. Keep painting and keep posting your work!

  4. Matt Medium is a great idea Tim, and it's good to see you still have the old GW inks ;) I didn't use inks for a long time until recently and use the good old artists inks now :)