Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Maya Cast Painting Competition Entry

This is my entry for the painting competition held my Maya cast the Podcast.

Another addition to my ever growing collection of Aleph miniatures which was the faction that got me into the game of Infinity.

The hex pattern is not perfect but was difficult with them being so small. I like how he turned out thou and managed to get a nice glow of pinks on the armour breast plate.

Comments are most welcome as always.

Friday, 23 May 2014

Confrontation Red Troll

Finally finished my Red Troll for my Goblin faction and just as a collectible piece to the collection, The base is a bit plain but I don't have a lot of basing materials here in Japan and will need to add little extra bits here and there in time. This mini has such incredible detail especially with all the extra goblins and Sulfur on top.

I have done a heap more bases to base a handful of other minis I have finished over the year. I will post up pics when I get them finished.

Feedback is always welcome guys :)

Monday, 19 May 2014

I'm still here and painting ;)

Sorry for the lack of updates of late. I have been busy painting a commission lot for a customer in Australia which involved 24x Kroot warriors and 1x Krootox.

Having finished that I have been working on an entry for the Maya cast podcast. I have painted a Aleph character but will have to wait until the comp closes before posting pictures to the web. If you wanted to enter then you just need to submit a 28mm figure ( no T.A.G's or remotes etc) and not have had it published pics of this mini on the internet previously.

Send you entry to the guys ( Kip&Tom) by the 26th to enter for a chance to win an Aleph Steel Phalanx box set or a Kuang shi box set.

I am now working on redoing or tiding up my J.S.A as I admittedly rushed large parts of it just to get it on the table top. I wish to change the bases and then sell the current MAS urban bases their currently on which are all pro painted etc and will fill the holes as the mins have been pinned to them.

I am looking at the new Antenocities urban bases as replacements and with the new basing coming into effect for the 3rd ed of Infinity it may be a good time to change.Or I will just make up my own bases.

First up for the renovation treatment is my favourite mini in the range of J.S.A Miyamoto Mushashi. I have tided up many areas of the mini and decided that his original colours ( grey/greyblack) did not fit well with the rest of my force.I have given him red armour and darkened the cloak and added blue to the blacks to make them look more vibrant. Also added red hexes to the cloak as I am in the hex mood when painting Infinity minis.

I have recently completed a conversion to make a Saito Togan mini as I don't like any aspect of the original sculpt and have used several parts of various mins. Pics soon ;)

Played some games of Infinity with a chap from Saitama on the weekend and it's good to make contact with another dedicated and good player in Japan.

I hope to host more future games on Infinity at my house and also head to Tokyo and Saitama to play more games and one day a tournament.