Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Nomads Tunguska Painting Commission Progress Report

I have the wonderful opportunity to paint some fantastic miniatures from the Nomad range of Infinity the game.

I have only painted a few miniatures from the Nomad faction so far and this project has given me a good insight into how incredibly detailed these minis are. The new Interventors set is a clear indication the way Corvus Belli want to go with 3D sculpting and the results are very impressive. I was not sure about the new technology of 3D sculpting at first as I thought it would take away a lot of the character that manual sculpting has to miniatures.

Infinity has a well defined aesthetic and the 3D sculpting is just reinforcing that clean cut near future concept even further now. I am looking forward to painting the remotes and the other single miniatures which I hope to show to you soon.

And yes, it was requested from the client that the blue interventor is to be like the 'Laughing Man' from Ghost in the Shell :)


At 10 September 2014 at 06:02 , Blogger Tim said...

Those are really beautiful. Love the glowy, shiny goodness of these.

This gives me some inspiration to continue pushing forward on my tohaa...which are, to be honest, quite difficult to paint. I was just working on the Gao Tarsos and getting a little frustrated at all those hard-to-reach places. And the symbiont armor is tough.

The new digitally-designed models are supposed to be easier to paint, with larger surfaces, more definition, and overall bulkier design. In fact, the tohaa are what spurred Angel G. to bring the matter of paint-difficulty to CB. He was painting one of the Gao Tarsos and told the guys that "hey, I'm spending tons of time just painting these models knee, do you think you guys could tone down the detail just a tad?" And that's when CB started to take a serious look at digital design.

Do you find that they are easier to paint?

At 10 September 2014 at 18:04 , Blogger Yoshinto Yazamoto said...

Hi Tim, thanks so much for your comments and I know the pain your going through with the Tohaa details and especially the symbiotic armor. I felt the same way when painting that large Tohaa commission some time ago when all the detail was mirco fine and the symbiotic armor can be frustrating to make it look good and not a dry brushed mess. I did discover that the last few releases of the Tohaa, the Bio engineer and the Spec ops mini had a good balance or detail and flat areas to paint and I felt they were the best Tohaa available so far.

I am interested in seeing the Kotail and the sapper/sniper mini up close too one day to compare the 3D rendered details to the hand sculpted ones.

Best of luck painting your Tohaa mate and out of interest, what colors did you go with for them? studio or original? Do you have pics of them up yet?


At 12 September 2014 at 07:09 , Blogger Tim said...

You got some spam below, congrats, that means your blog is getting a decent amount of hits.

I'm painting them in the studio scheme, but they're a little different. I decided I wanted them painted quickly and for me, the longest process of painting is deciding on a color scheme that I want. So I cut that process out and just followed Angel's scheme.

Once these are done, I'm probably going to get the TAG and then wait. The recent Tohaa releases haven't really inspired me. So my next thing will be painting up Icestorm...

At 16 September 2014 at 16:27 , Blogger Yoshinto Yazamoto said...

Sounds good mate and good luck with painting all that yellow symbiotic armor. it's enough to give me nightmares! The TAG is the best of the bunch for me and I actually like the new sculpts coming out for them now. The new Clipsos sniper is a nice model with good details and the the new sapper sniper model is also very crisp.

I'm looking forward to the pics when you get around to paint them.

I am also looking forward to painting the O:IS minis :)


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