Thursday, 16 October 2014

Valhalla Rising: A Pan O Svalarheima Project.

These are two of the four miniatures I have painted for my Svalarheima themed Pan O for Infinity.

More time than usual has gone into painting these minis which I hope to be a consistent trend throughout the whole army.

Snow effects can be one of the most challenging basing and terrain materials to make it look natural. I did some study and read through lots of articles and in the end I came away with some new knowledge and new ideas.

The crushed glass is the snow effect on these bases. The thing about the crushed glass is that is reflects it's surrounding. If you have a dark brown base and then apply the glass it will appear when dry dark and with a tinge of brown through it. You need to build layers and layers until it retains some white hues.

I went around this dry airbrushing white over the base areas where the snow would be applied and the effects were positive. I used some natural garden pebbles and some dried plant roots for texturing along with some Vallejo ground effects ( The resin grit basing texture ).

Overall I am happy with these miniatures and I have the rest of the NCA starter set as well as the OIS to do as well.

I am in the process of making snow themed terrain and a game board. I am still thinking of just buying a gaming mat as they are much easier to use and store away and a lot less mess.

I hope you enjoy following my progress in this project in bring snow to Infinity :)


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