Monday, 10 November 2014

Painting Update

I have recently finished the Nomad painting commission which I was very pleased with and the customer received them all safe and sound back in Australia which I was very relieved about.

The past few weekends I have been painting like mad to finish the remaining 6 miniatures for my Pan O Svalenhiema army. I hope to get pics of them up on the weekend. I am currently in the process of moving house which also means I will have a bigger painting studio and a permanent games room to play Infinity.

So the next few weeks will see me painting some more Pan O minis so I can begin using them in games in time for N3 and to also begin putting together my terrain from Warsenal which I received a month ago.

I will begin painting this month two more grenzer conversions for the Nomad commission and a FW primach and civi models for Infinity. Looking forward to starting those for sure!

Hope you guys are busy painting or playing games and enjoying your hobby time :)



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